How to automate your social feeds

How to automate your social feeds

First of all, you’re going to need to have a Facebook Page (personal or business) and/or Twitter account… but preferably both. ¬†Rather than walking you through setting up those social mediums, I’m just going to delve right into the syndication ūüôā

Sign up for a Twitterfeed account and add your new feed by pasting the link from the originating site/aggregate. Don’t forget to test your RSS to make sure the feed parses before continuing!

Do you have a proper RSS link? If you notice that it doesn’t seem to work, then you can always create a Feedburner account and burn it (get a proper RSS link that works) using that service.¬†

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.49.06 PM

Click to Advanced Settings. I prefer it checking for new posts every 30 minutes to an hour, and I usually post 1 or two updates each time it checks. Depending on the feed, you can include title, description or both. I also prefer to shorten links using so I may monitor another level of analytics which will also notify me if a ton of people are clicking on one of my shortened links.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.56.05 PM

There are a lot of other advanced options here, such as posting to LinkedIn and their corresponding thumbnail images, post sorting, optional prefixes and suffixes as well as a keyword filter. I’ll be skipping on by these for this project (that’s up to your need!). Click the button that says “Continue to Step 2.

Step 2 is where you link your services. If you are already publishing from your Facebook Page to your Twitter, then you don’t need to double up on your mediums.. Here you can choose from Twitter, Facebook (pages, personal), LinkedIn (personal only), and

Authenticate your account and find the page that you’d like to publish to.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 1.02.47 PM

There are a couple more UTM Tag options here, but for all intents and purposes, let’s skip that and click “Create Service.”

Now the feed should show up in your Twitterfeed Dashboard! If you know that the next posts are going to be coming out shortly, make sure you keep an eye on your feed over the next few hours to make sure it’s parsing properly.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 1.04.39 PM

Protip: Keep an eye on your feed on a daily basis if you don’t know where it’s coming from. You could be accidentally sharing some spammy posts. and that’s not good for your Kred nor your Klout o.O

Any questions or need me to help you set it up? Message me! -kris10

How to automate your social feeds

How to become an affiliate on Eventbrite and earn cash

So you’ve been invited by your friend/employer to become an affiliate of an event to make some money promoting it. Supercool. First of all, I suggest you sign up for PayPal and opt to get a debit card so your cash can be liquid sooner than later when the affiliate money from each event has processed into your account.

You should have received an email by now that gives you a link to click in order to sign up for the program. Click “Join this program” to get started.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.55.31 PM

This will bring you to your affiliate page, where it will give you your own personal referral link which you must share in order to get credit. If you direct your friends to the original link, you will not get paid.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.56.40 PM

Take this link to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog.. wherever you can post it to in order to make the most $ off of each event. If you keep an eye on your Referrals/Attendees page on Eventbrite, it will tell you how many people are clicking your link, how many tickets you’ve sold, your total sales, your share, and after the event, that which has been paid and that money which is still due.

Now rock it.

How to automate your social feeds

How to add Event Affiliates on Eventbrite

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.38.29 PMSo you’ve got your event published through Eventbrite.. and you’ve created an affiliate program for your employees or random affiliates.

Here’s how you go about showing your own internal promotional program:

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.43.28 PMFirst of all log into your Eventbrite Management Dashboard, which should be available when you log in if you’ve created an event. You should have these options to the left. Click on the “Affiliate Programs” link and click the green button that says “Create a new affiliate program.”

It should bring up a screen that allows you to input a code as well as add a referral fee or % of ticket price. You can make it public if you’d like your event to possibly be picked up by local promoters and add a few notes that the affiliate will see. Save it.

If you click on the link of your affiliate name, you should be able to see a link. Copy that link and forward it to your employees in an email that sounds something like this…

“You’re invited to become an affiliate of our event and receive 20% of all of your ticket sales when people use your link to view and pay for this event. Please sign up for PayPal to get paid. To accept this invitation to become an affiliate, please visit this link and sign up to receive your customized web address. Your referrals MUST use your individualized link in order for you to be paid, so please post everywhere, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, your blog, etc.”


Now let’s look at it from the standpoint of your future affiliate.

How to promote your event and use your staff as salespeople on Facebook

How to promote your event and use your staff as salespeople on Facebook

Admin and Staff:


  • Create a paid event using Eventbrite
  • Publish it to Facebook using the “Manage” tab
  • Add a public affiliate program and offer 10-20% of ticket sales

Admin & Staff:

  • Find the event on your company’s fan page

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.22.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.16.41 PM

  • Click “Join”

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.02.09 PM

  • When you join an “Invite Friends” button will show up, so click it

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.18.23 PM

  • Click the “Search by Name” button and scroll down to “Newport, RI”

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.24.34 PM (2)

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. Facebook will take it’s time populating all of your friends
  • Click the black and white checkbox located on the chrome toolbar

check them all screen shot chrome bar

  • Then press “Save.” You may have to enter a “Capcha” to prove you’re a human


  • Give certain staff “Content Creator” privileges on your fan page

Admin & Staff with privileges:

  • Download Facebook’s Pages Manager for iPhone and Android
  • Take photos and video and upload them using the Pages Manager in real time
  • Pre-event, find videos and photos of the band and post them to the event page
  • If you have Twitter, tweet to @OnePelhamEast¬†when you’re at the event

After the event:

  • Export your email addresses into MailChimp
  • Send weekly emails to past attendees or email signups with the weekly bands
  • Work to grow your mailing list by making it easy for visitors
    • fill out a short form by visiting a link
    • or by scanning a QR code


Is this too much? Would you like to have x10industries share your event with up to 3,000 New England locals? For only $99 an event, we will set up your event on Eventbrite and Facebook and invite our masses! Contact us using the form below.

How to automate your social feeds

How to back up and upgrade your WordPress site using GoDaddy

It’s actually super important to back up your WordPress site or blog.. If you haven’t read the news lately, WordPress sites are becoming compromised¬†and have been targeted by hackers¬†because of easy-to-guess passwords or security flaws in outdated WordPress builds. WordPress pushes out a few updates a year, to ensure your site is pretty darn secure and you should definitely keep an eye on your Dashboard every couple of months…

So, after you’ve changed your password to include a CAPs and a # or a few of both, and notate it somewhere private, you can work to update and back up your WP build. You should not be logged into your site while you’re updating it. If anybody could possibly be working on your site at the time you’d like to update, please tell them to log out.

back up wordpress site before upgrading with godaddyLog into your GoDaddy and click to your Hosting Connection Installed Applications that need updates.

Here’s a shortcut!

Click on “Update Now”

back up wp site before updating godaddy

Then, you’ll be taken to a page where you can Install the new update… where you should click “Install Now.”

The next screen is simply going to walk you through the patch install update… Pretty much if you want it done without thinking so much, just keep clicking “Next” for the next two screens.. but this will explain them a little more…

Step 1: Patch install details

1) Backup the database,
2) Install the patch, and
3) Confirm the installation is successful

Step 2: Schedule patch

This will let you choose a time (the default is usually 5 minutes from now) where GoDaddy will back up your WordPress and upgrade your database. Click Next.

Now your installation request for WordPress has been submitted.  The administrative email will receive a confirmation that the patch is complete.


IF you happen to be working with a custom-built theme, it may not play nicely with the newest version of WordPress.. you should contact us if you feel that your site is more complex so we may professionally assist you.

How to restore your randomly deleted Google Contacts

How to restore your randomly deleted Google Contacts

(featured image credit
One of my clients believes his gmail recently got hacked into because he seems to have lost all of his contacts suddenly ūüôĀ …so immediately after changing his password to something much more secure in his¬†Security Settings, we did a complete restore to a week prior, when he knows he had his contacts in there.
First, go to¬†Google Contacts¬†and find the “More” dropdown..
 Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 5.23.46 PM
Then, click “Restore contacts.”
Inline image 2
Restore to like a week ago…
Inline image 3
And that should bring them back!  If not, try to restore back a little farther.  Let me know that it works for you in the comments!
10 Best WordPress Plugins

10 Best WordPress Plugins

So I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error this year with themes and plugins and trying to work within the realm of my clients’ needs. ¬†A lot of you guys asked for things I didn’t even know I could do…

Here’s a shortlist of what I have been working with in 2012 and through 2013 ūüôā


Your WordPress blog comes naturally with this amazing spam filter, but you do need to sign up to get an API on their website. ¬†To sign up for an API key,¬†click here.¬†Star that email that you get because you’ll probably need that key later on in your blogging career. ¬†You can use it with multiple blogs.

To use: Goto Plugins>Activate Akismet>Settings>Paste your API Key & update.

All in one Favicon:

Even if you don’t have the ability to edit your favicon (that little thingie in the corner of your browser), this will override any (most) theme favicon customizations.

To use: Goto Plugins>All in one Favicon>Settings>Upload

Google Analytics for WordPress:

Easily integrate Analytics without getting too elbow-deep into code thereby screwing up your site.

Google XML Sitemap:

If you ever find yourself in Google Webmaster Tools, you can easily upload a sitemap. This plugin will create so that you may paste painlessly into your sitemap dashboard.


Comes standard but if you’re more familiar with, you should activate this by default. ¬†Has a lot of functions if you connect with

Link Manager:

Now that the new upgrade of WordPress doesn’t include the ability to add/edit links (unless you created your site and edited your links prior to the 3.5 release), I suggest all new installs should add this plugin. ¬†Here, you can list your affiliates, clients, links to other sites you trust, ads, etc.

Meeting Scheduler by vCita:

It’s that annoying pop-up thing that hits you every time you come to this page–but it works and gets me business. ¬†Connect with the Facebook API for additional functions.. and it’s not that $$ if you want to get the paid version. ¬†This plugin boasts Online Scheduling and an easy way to connect via your calendaring software with a proactive contact form.

Meteor Slides:

If you want a responsive slider that either is images or points to pages, install this plugin. ¬†Here, you can manipulate the # of slides, size, frequency, navigation, transition, and all by installing a [shortcode] in any of your pages or widgets. ¬†You can have multiple slideshows on all your pages. ¬†I’m not saying it’s not time-consuming tagging and re-naming all your images for SEO purposes, but do that part first, and thank me later.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget:

Pinterest fever is spreading like wildfire. ¬†Why doesn’t your company create a user account and spread knowledge within your market? ¬†If you’re an architect, write articles about structures with compelling imagery and start sharing! ¬†If you’re a restaurant, pin photos of your food and offer¬†recipes¬†on your blog. ¬†If you’re an interior designer, start writing and pinning about the sort of design you concentrate on. ¬†Or hire out x10industries to market for you..

User Role Editor:

If you want to remain the Admin but want to give your client more access to the back end.. you can manipulate user roles, overriding any defaults using this plugin.

How to block Facebook Games (from your news feed)

How to block Facebook Games (from your news feed)

My mom plays like eleventy thousand Facebook games. And they’re the worst News Feed clogs in the history of man. Here’s how you can block them, for the most part… Keep in mind that some of them are bastards and have random photos that pop up on their pages (you know, you don’t have to allow EVERYTHING when you okay an API), and blocking them is the only way around it for the people who don’t even click to the damn games…

First of all.. you have to figure out who’s bothering you so much that you just can’t stand the spam. I LOVE my mom, but she pretty much loves her Facebook games more than me sometimes. And her coins. She has reminder alarms set in her phone. Seriously.*

Find the culprit, and click on the damn game. Don’t click through to “Play Game” or whatever stupid purple/blue button Facebook waves in front of your face to tempt you. You’re going to have to look at the lower righthand corner of this popup box. You will be a lot less¬†disappointed. PS these games don’t actually grant you real CA$H MONEY.. they’re just a time suck. It’s like “Click” (that shitty Adam Sandler movie), without the clicker. If you want your brain sucked out by a game, why not just go to Dave & Busters and pop a cap in some zombie ass with friends and family? Then you’re at least training for a real-world use.. and kind of hanging out with friends and fam (while beating their lame zombie-beaten asses).

Sooo, click “View in App Center…” (oh here’s a graphic):

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 7.37.16 PMThanks, mom for that example.

From here out, it’s pretty easy. OMFG look at all the pretty COLORS! And pandas are my FAVORITE!!!

(god damnit what happens when they come up with “Sloth Jam?”… patent pending)

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 7.37.37 PM

God help you if you click through. If you do, I cannot. Neither can she/he. Just click “Block!”

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 7.52.17 PM

Oh. My. Gosh. Then you NEVER HAVE TO SEE IT AGAIN!!! Except for those godforsaken photo images they decide to throw on your wall because you click “okay you can do whatever” every TIME some app API’s you. I’ll have to write another post just for that purpose. Soon. For now, just thank me…

If you reload the page.. this is what it looks like…

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 7.54.08 PM

How f*cking thumbs-up is that??

<3 you, mom!!!

(but I don’t want to see your crazy game crap on my feed…)

*there may be a couple of small exaggerations in this story, but I still love you, Mom!!!

Identify your resources and delegate

Identify your resources and delegate

If you’ve never written a single blog post and you just got named the head of the marketing department at your Fortune 500 company, you’re probably a bit in over your head. ¬†Do you understand how long it takes to actually have a well-oiled social machine? ¬†Do you know what SEO is or how you‚Äôre going to optimize your posts? ¬†How about the amount of time it should take you to get the # of followers you think you need to be successful (do you even have that # or % growth written down)? ¬†¬†The answer varies. ¬†It can be within a matter of months. ¬†Some ¬†success comes to companies who have been hitting the social bricks for a number of years. ¬†Every company needs clear, consistent, relevant communication and customer service between their business and their clients and prospects. ¬†Daily. ¬†If you can do it on weekends, even better. ¬†Customer Service never sleeps, and your client will thank you and recommend you to their social circles if you bend over backwards for them. (more…)