So you’ve been invited by your friend/employer to become an affiliate of an event to make some money promoting it. Supercool. First of all, I suggest you sign up for PayPal and opt to get a debit card so your cash can be liquid sooner than later when the affiliate money from each event has processed into your account.

You should have received an email by now that gives you a link to click in order to sign up for the program. Click “Join this program” to get started.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.55.31 PM

This will bring you to your affiliate page, where it will give you your own personal referral link which you must share in order to get credit. If you direct your friends to the original link, you will not get paid.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.56.40 PM

Take this link to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog.. wherever you can post it to in order to make the most $ off of each event. If you keep an eye on your Referrals/Attendees page on Eventbrite, it will tell you how many people are clicking your link, how many tickets you’ve sold, your total sales, your share, and after the event, that which has been paid and that money which is still due.

Now rock it.