So it’s a good thing I had the internet on my side on this one.  Apparently, if you send someone an invoice from PayPal, they WILL pay, you send the goods and give them tracking information.. even when they DO receive the goods, they have a chance to revoke payment.

I mentioned that I was selling a camera on Facebook Marketplace, because I figured it would reach friends and friends of friends.  Apparently, it reached some hacked or bogus users.

Their stories go like this:  I am in the military or I am in the US but I need to ship this to my buddy/mom/sister over in S Africa/Nigeria/Somewhere in Africa so I am willing to pay an extra $100 to cover shipping expenses.  Please send an invoice from PayPal to my Gmail/Hotmail account so I may pay you.

They pay, you ship, they receive, they revoke.  You end up without your goods and without their money.

One of the only safe ways to really combat this is sell on eBay, where you will qualify for seller protection or only take local payments.