So Facebook has gone ahead and changed their algorithm again on us. Surprise surprise. At least one company came out with a cool tool (even if the better version is paid) to select all friends at once. If you don’t want to pay, they’ll allow you to select 15 at a time, and unfortunately with the way Facebook works, you can only invite a certain # (450 for me but this varies from person to person) at a time each time.. so you’re going to have to be patient and/or really segment your lists to create a bigger impact each time you invite 🙂

Introducing the Facebook Invite/Select All Friends 2015 Chrome Extension and the PRO paid extension ($5.99) by KickApps.

You’re going to need Chrome. Open this link up in your Google Chrome browser and run the script. Keep in mind that if you have a ton of friends, it’s going to freeze your screen for a few moments…

Also, this script doesn’t work with English (US).. you’re going to have to change your language in Settings to English (UK).

And hey, look.. they created a super simple video to explain how to do it 🙂

#yourewelcome. Now share this and your event with your promoter friends 🙂