I’ve been a Blackberry user for over two years (Storm), and prior to that, a Windows smartphone user (HTC Vox, HTC Excalibur).  Yet I have never owned an iPhone until now… but thanks to a great friend, a few weeks ago I became the proud owner of a perfectly good 16GB iPhone 3G.  I know it’s not an iPhone 4.. but you guys don’t even have 4G like Sprint’s their Evo and until everything’s hashed out with the service and quickness and I can get something better than what I’ve got now for a price that I would submit to (and unlimited data), there’s really no reason for me to switch.

Luckily, I recently saw a news article about this Tethering program called Handy Light, and I proceeded to pay $1.99 for it (my first iTunes Store purchase!) and download it directly to my iTunes for future use.  Little did I know, since I hadn’t done my research fully, AT&T had done away with their unlimited data package the week before iPhone 4 was to be released.  Perfect.  I go over on my Verizon data package every couple of months, and I was already paying a steep $130/month bill to them.  I had been using TetherBerry a lot on Amtrak–frequently going over my plan. In June for my usage I paid a hefty $170 bill.  No thanks.  No more VZW.  Not worth it when my contract’s running out…

Then a few friends started buzzing to me about the fact that you can jailbreak an iPhone and go to T-Mobile for around $70/month unlimited everything.  Plus taxes, etc.  Sounded like the perfect idea, so I went about finding a jailbreaking company in Boston.

Enter a shady mobile store in the back of a Jewelry Exchange in Downtown Crossing (I’ll get you the info if you’re interested.. just comment).  I went in there with my 3G to Jailbreak it and switch it to T-Mobile…  I found out they jailbroke for only $40.  Or I could have bought a BRAND NEW jailbroken iPhone 4 without a contract for ONLY $800… I’ll probably just wait on that one, though.. at least until iPhone goes 4G…  January?

The hipster behind the counter started telling me about Simple Mobile.  Super cheap looking/sounding company according to the 800# and their website.. def in need of a good developer.  I’m not too sure how established they are (I think they started up in 09) but if you have a phone that has the ability to have a SIM card inserted, you can buy a SIM from them on their website for only $12.99.  Don’t do it thru this bodega in Boston.. they will charge you like $35.

And $60 a month unlimited?  Beat that Verizon!  This includes the data package that I can run my tether through and never get excess data charges 🙂  That means that for $60/month I can have unlimited talk, text, web/data.. and tether capabilities?  Yes please.  This makes me happy and I’m sharing it with you because I love you.  Any other geeky deals you’re finding out?  Comment away, I could use a cheap to free 50″+ 1080 plasma HDTV-OR a projector <3