Do you have a potentially lucrative client base that you need to get in touch with like All. The. Time?

Look no further! There’s a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) and x10industries can make it fully functional for your organization. A proper CRM for your industry can be pretty affordable, and who can really put a price on closing more deals? Well now you can, with a CRM…

Easily track and valuate customer opportunities, social activities, email threads, send out blast emails and so much more, all in one place–the CLOUD. Your team members can be delegated certain activities for the best practices to touch to your better clients, and the combination of Salesforce and a proper administrator who can set it up can make it a pretty secure login process.

x10industries is a Cloud CRM reseller, a HubSpot Agency Partner, and understands how many CRMs work and link into your website, having a large background in databasing. We can even build you a custom database. When you book an appointment with us we will chat about your project before you let any more leads slip through the cracks.