I just migrated my old Blogger posts to this WordPress Blog b/c a little birdie told me it can be used to generate some great SEO 🙂

Also~Have you heard of Twitter yet?  I’m sure you have but have you utilized it for your business?  In 140 characters up to 1000 times a day, you can sell your product, hotel, mani/pedi, venue, band, mortgage etc. and hit your target market.  Or just anybody.

Think about it:  however many people who follow you and are good followers can be however many little billboards of your brand throughout this wide Twitterverse (and ultimately the whole internet).  If you have something re-tweetable, then you’ll get yourself noticed.  If you have something fun and viral to talk about, you’re golden.

Just remember:  video can be viral if you do it correctly.

Case Study:  look @ Gansett Beer on Twitter @gansettbeer.  They’re interactive with their fans, giving away prizes and offering to let you become a pin up girl via Twitter.  Check out their YouTube page.  Short and sweet, concise and funny videos.  Perfect viral advertising..  now all they have to do is get their 1144+ followers to talk about them.  They’re well on their way.